Roupell Park Construction Programme

Major works on Roupell Park – Progress at last!

For the first time in what seems ages we have good news in relation to major works on Roupell Park! As usual this splits into two separate projects, the works inside and outside of your homes.

External Works

Work has now commenced. Currently full height scaffolding is being erected to Tanhurst. It takes about 30 days to erect the scaffolding and once that is completed on Tanhurst at the beginning of March the process will move onto the next block. You are reminded that you should notify your contents insurance company that the work is being carried out.

The full programme is on the website setting out which order the blocks will be worked on and how long the work will take on each block. This will vary from block to block but will vary between 3 months for the smallest blocks and 8 months for the largest. The work is being carried out by Mears.

Work to the whole estate will take around 18 Months and so we expect works to be completed in the summer or early autumn of next year. However there is always the possibility of delay in the event of bad weather or finding unexpected works.

The total cost of the works will be just over £7m so it will be the biggest contract being operated in the Lambeth Central area this year and the longest running in Lambeth.

One of the biggest parts of the work will be to carry on concrete repairs to the blocks. This will be very disruptive. The work will entail removing elements of damaged concrete using mechanical drills which will be extremely noisy and will create large volumes of debris. The Contractors will endeavour to keep the volume of dirt to the minimum and will clean up afterwards, but you are strongly advised to ensure that you keep windows and doors firmly closed which the work is going on. This work is anticipated to take around 6 weeks per block.

Other work will entail resurfacing the communal and individual balconies, carrying out roof repair as needed as well as works to balcony and walkway balustrades and redecorations to communal areas.

We will also take the opportunity to upgrade communal television systems. These will then be able to support the full range of Sky programmes and services. However as a consequence we will not allow individual satellite dishes to be re-erected once the work is complete.

There is no doubt that this is going to be a trying time for everyone living on the estate. However once the work is complete it will look much brighter and cleaner and will help us to continue to develop somewhere we can all be proud of living and working.

Internal Works

It is no secret that the works carried out by Lambeth and their contractor Wates was often not done to an acceptable quality. In particular we are concerned about the works done to the electrical systems and the plumbing.

Whilst Wates have been working to make good the problems for a number of months they have not made significant progress and not works have been done to the electrical installations. Wates are currently only carrying out limited works on site to complete the work they have already started.

Since the works were completed Roupell Park officers and the Board have been putting pressure on the Council to take decisive action to resolve the problems. This has included working your local MP, Chuka Umunna who has been actively pressing the Council to act.

As a result the Council are terminating their contract with Wates and will be appointing a new contractor to do the work. This will include the retesting of all the electrical systems installed by Wates to ensure they are up to the required standard.

The Council are currently negotiating the final terms of this process but new contractors should be on site during February. Whilst this is not be end of the process, at least we will have contractors on site who will not have a vested interest in prolonging the process and hiding their poor workmanship.

However please be assured that we will do everything we can to hold Lambeth to account to ensure that they get it right this time.



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