Roupell Park Construction Programme

Over the last 4 years we have had two major programmes of major works run by the Council on the estate.
The external programme is now completed although there remain some issues around the quality of the new flooring to the communal areas, including the stairs. We are dealing with those problems and we will make sure the Council put them right. There will also inevitably be some defects works where things need to be made good. This is normally done a year after the works are complete but anything urgent will be done before hand. Please let us know if there are any problems.
The second piece of work was supposed to have finished 2 years ago and comprised the upgrading of the kitchens,
bathrooms and electrical wiring in tenants flats.
However in many cases the quality of the work simply was not good enough and over the last 2 or 3 years RPRMO have been struggling to get the Council back to make good the problems.
They have at long last agreed to do so and inspections are under way to finally identify what works need to be carried out to allow the work to commence.
It is vital that we carry out the work. If we do not go ahead, we will lose our only chance to make good the problems. If you do not allow us to do the work then the costs will fall on Roupell Park. At that stage we will only carry out the most basic of health and safety repairs.
Good News at last! After very lengthy negotiations, we are able to announce that we have at last reached an agreement with the Council to ensure that any defects arising from the works carried out to tenanted property by Wates and Lambeth are finally identified and rectified.
We will start the process during February ‘18, with another round of inspections, with works to property starting at the beginning of April. We expect the project to run through until late July ‘18. 
I am glad to say that Roupell Park will be managing this programme and will be leading on making appointments for inspections and works and we will be closely involved in agreeing what work needs to be done and then ensuring that it is done to an acceptable fir for purpose standard.
We know that this has been a frustrating time for many of you but this is now our chance to sort this out once and for all.
We will need to inspect properties to identify what works need to be done including a check on 20% of all electrical installations to ensure that they meet the required standard.
 Our aim is to ensure that appointments for the inspections and works are made at a time that is convenient to you. However, I need to emphasise that this is the only opportunity we will have to deal with these problems and we will therefore need your co-operation in allowing us to do the work.
We will make sure that everyone affected is kept informed throughout the process.
With best regards, 
Simon Oelman
Director, Roupell Park RMO Ltd.