Youth Forum

Over the past 5 years, in partnership with CEF Lyncx, we have worked to develop the Youth Forum. This is more than just an opportunity for young people to get together.

These young people are fast becoming responsible citizens, capable of voicing their opinion in an informed way. For us, it’s never been simply a matter of ‘getting them off the streets’ but seeking to genuinely understand the issues that are of concern to young people and help them to find solutions for them. This project has shown that engaging with young people is a win-win situation: for them, it’s a platform to voice their views and develop skills in leadership, and for us, it’s about developing the next generation of young leaders and responsible citizens. We have recently co-opted a young person, the Youth Forum Chair, to the main Board so, from now on, we will have a young voice to directly represent the voice of young people in the way our business is run.

The meetings take place via Zoom, every second Tuesday of the month from 6 – 7pm. There are many other volunteering opportunities available, of which some are in a paid capacity. For more information, contact Christian Johnson on 07706 179 851.