Fire safety

After the terrifying tragedy of Grenfell Tower the issue of fire safety must be upmost in all of our minds. Firstly let us reassure you that Roupell Park does not have any of the features that resulted in the spread of fire at Grenfell. We have also recently had new Fire Risk Assessments completed that showed no major risks. However fire is always a risk and below is the link to the Lambeth Council Website which gives advice on how to avoid fires in your home and what to do in the event of fire. Everyone should read this.

One of the risks that were shown up in the fire risk assessments were issues in the communal areas. As a result we will be asking residents to

  1. Remove all door mats from communal balconies and landings
  2. Remove all flower pots, hanging baskets etc from communal areas

If these are found we will remove them without notice.

We will also be regularly checking communal areas for obstructions. We will remove any bikes, buggies etc causing an obstruction without notice. This will include cutting off any bike locks and you will be charged for the time it takes to do so. We will also be checking any rubbish bags to see who has left them in the communal areas and will if necessary take legal action to prevent future occurrences.