Customer Services






A Service Standard lets you know what we should be doing on your estate. It allows you to look at the service we are providing and to assess whether we are doing what we said we would. It also allows us to measure the performance of our contractors or Direct Labour Organisation.

If you understand the service we are supposed to be providing, it allows you to help us to monitor how we and our contractors are doing. It therefore allows us to improve the quality of the service we provide by getting feedback direct from you. You live on the estate so it is your views that are important.

This Service Standard was set after widespread consultation with the residents on the estate which included us sending round a draft version to everyone on the estate and holding a meeting with all the residents on the estate. It was then agreed by the RPRMC Board.

We Will


  • We will be courteous and treat you with respect and try to offer you the help and advice you need.
  • If we are not able to help you immediately we will tell you when we will get back to you with and will do so.
  • Where we are unable to help we will either pass your query to someone else in Roupell Park or we will refer you to someone else in another organisation who can
  • We will arrange for a translator if you need one (including signing) for face to face and telephone discussions or will arrange for letters and other communications to be provided in an appropriate language, or in large type of braille.
  • Publicise office opening times including covering bank holidays
  • If we are unable to make an appointment either in your home or in the office we will contact you to rearrange it
  • Ensure all staff where an identification badge when ever they are on duty
  • Treat everyone fairly and in compliance with our equal opportunities and diversity policy

In the Office

  • When you arrive in reception we will great you and ensure we understand why you have come to see us. If you have an appointment we will see you at the time of your appointment.
  • If you do not have an appointment we will see you within 10 minutes of your arrival
  • Have a copy of all our service standards available in reception and on line
  • Keep our reception clean and tidy and ensure all information is up to date
  • Offer a private interview when you ask us or where this appropriate

On the Phone

  • When phone us we will give you our name and tell you, you have called Roupell Park.
  • We will answer the phone within 5 rings
  • Ensure that out of hours our answer phone tells you what to do in the event of an emergency

In Writing

  • We will respond to all correspondence and emails within 10 working days, or if we are unable to do so will let you know and let you know both why we are unable to do so and when you can expect a reply
  • Send you any correspondence in your requested format

Getting Better

  • Where we make mistakes we will apologise to you
  • We will learn from our mistakes
  • We will keep you informed about progress on anything you have asked us to do or complaints that you have made to us
  • We will make sure all notice boards are kept up to date and have information that is relevant to residents on them
  • Ensure you know who your housing office and caretaker is
  • Carry out regular surveys so that we know what you think about our services and learn how to improve them