Public consultation - Roupell Park ball court improvements

When they agreed the current business plan Residents of Roupell Park made improving the existing ball court one of their top priorities for funding from our surplus fund. 
In partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, Roupell Park RMO plans to develop a new football pitch with a synthetic grass playing surface on the site of our existing ball court facility. We know the key role that young people can play in making our community a more cohesive and vibrant place to live and The Johan Cruyff Foundation recognises that using sport is one of the best ways of getting people involved.
We want the new area to be a safe place where young people can play freely and a place which stimulates them to be active. But it's so much more than just a football pitch – it's a platform for young people where they can learn about things such as respect, responsibility and integration through play. The activities on the new ball court will encourage all groups in the Roupell Park community to participate in more sport and activity outdoors. In particular we want to encourage people with disabilities to take an active part in sport.


We first introduced football training sessions on the estate in 2015 and this has been very popular. A new programme was launched with Fulham FC Foundation in 2017.

However we want to offer a wider range of activities.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this short survey; we value your contribution.

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