Parking restrictions apply in all the parking bays on the estate and on Brockham Drive. If you park in these areas without a permit you risk getting a ticket for £100. Restrictions do not apply at weekends and bank holidays.
Permits to park in the restricted areas are available from the office for £30. Each property is entitled to one permit which must be allocated to a specific vehicle that is registered to the address.
The only exception to this is where people hold a blue badge or provide evidence that they have registered carers. In these circumstances a visitor’s permit will be issued.
Permits are only issued on production of the V5 proving the vehicle is registered to your address, plus copies of your insurance and MOT. An email copy of insurance documents can be sent to the Roupell Park website in advance. 
The following conditions apply to the issue of parking permits
  • Permits will not be issued to any vans or other commercial vehicles.
  • If you are a private resident, i.e. you are the tenant of one of our leaseholders, you will be required to bring a copy of your tenancy agreement and ID along with the other documentation. We will also check that a permit has not been issued for any other vehicle at the address and not returned.
  • Change of vehicle: Should you change your vehicle and need a new residential permit you will need to bring in the (V5) log book, insurance and MOT of new vehicle and we will swap the permits over. If you are unable to produce the old permit you will have to pay for new one.
  • Lost or Stolen Permits – Should you lose or have your permit stolen you will need to pay to replace. The replacement cost is £30.00

Blue Badge Holders

  • Blue badge holders are required to display both a Blue badge and Roupell Park badge on the Roupell Park Estate. Please visit the community office with the relevant documentation including proof that you are the entitled holder of a Blue badge. Roupell Park Permits are free for Blue Badge Holders.
Daily parking permits are available in the office for £2 each. A maximum of 50 will be issued to each property a year. You are able to buy day permits in advance in person. Please provide evidence you live on the Roupell Park Estate, i.e. Tenancy agreement or utility bill with ID.
The Council also operates a Controlled Parking Zone on Fairview Place and Holmewood Gardens. Roupell Park does not manage these roads and therefore if you want a permit to park on these roads you must apply to the Council.